I probably won’t talk to you



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You seem to be tied up in romantic notions.
You seem to be tied up in romantic notions.
You can’t seem to get them out of your head.
I’m not gonna save you, no
I’m not gonna save you.
How could I possibly save you, when
I’m not sure how to save myself
from everything that’s happening?

We’re all in the same situation.
We’re all in different situations.
We’re all taking our position.
But time cares about none of that.
Time is taking everything away,
and time is catching up
to every single one of us.

Maybe one day you’ll be famous
– maybe one day you’ll be a star
(but I highly doubt it) –
keep shooting for the stars.
The stars aren’t gonna save you.
The stars aren’t gonna save you.
The stars are the worst possible
examples of success you
could ever imagine: they’re
burning at every end, and
they’re running out of ends
to burn, and they’re burning
so bright, they blind us.

We keep revolving,
getting tied up in
these romantic notions.
Why do you think that I
can save you? What
do I possibly have to offer?
You don’t even know me.
I don’t know myself, so
how could you know me?

I’m sorry, but I love you
nonetheless, now
leave me alone – I’m
dying at my own rate – I’m
planning my own funeral.
You can come if you like, but
I probably won’t talk
to you.


Liking things in secret


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you like liking things
in secret
you like keeping things
to yourself because
public acts are degrading
public acts are so coarse
no one needs to know
the things that explode in you
you’re so self-contained

you like liking things
in secret
you like to share secrets
and they feel so much
better when
they’re just between me and you
(when nobody knows)

and you don’t have
a problem no
you don’t have
no problem no
i’m the one
with the problem
coz i admit
i have a problem

i don’t have a secret
but i can talk to you
in private
yeah i can
keep a secret
i can do anything
you like
and you like liking things
in secret

like when you
used to like boys
in secret
and you were
still in the closet
and you’re
out of that closet now
but still no one really knows
well not around here anyway

you like liking things
in secret so
i can be your secret
if that’s what you like
you like so many
fucking things
it must get hard not
to shout them out
oh man i can get loud!

so remember when
we went out
for three years or so
but you couldn’t
tell your parents?
you used to fuck me
so well

and you really
needed me
I know you really
needed me
but it hurt
that you couldn’t
tell your parents
so why was i a secret?
you never told me but
i guess i always knew

so for three years
i was patient
for three years
i was your secret
till i got sick of it
but i still didn’t leave you
i had a secret too
i couldn’t leave you
till you were ready
for me to
i just couldn’t bear
to hurt you

so i waited till
you were ready
till your parents
really hated me
and you were too afraid
to defy your parents
for some miserable reason
i predicted

so i know it really hurt you
i know that you were frightened
but i left you right then
coz i just don’t like
liking things in secret
no not for that long

you know i really liked you but
i’m too fucking great
to be anyone’s secret!
i like shouting too much!