Bursting point

The world has always been this way —it’s only now that I can see. Children in their endless bubbles bound about like tiny giants; living lives that stretch far beyond their bursting point. All I do to console myself is admire such ferocious will.


Another day

Another day... another day... another day has passed away! Weep! And rejoice! Another day comes this way!

The time

The time comes... and the time comes... and it just keeps coming... then it’s your time; the time comes... then the next time, though you’re not there to see the time coming... it just keeps on coming.

Bad arithmetic

It was just too easy to count the squares: eight, nine, ten... ... eleven of them. Calendars always pose a risk. Almost a year since I’d stopped counting the time elapsed since the day I realised you’d never counted any minutes. Subtract another sixty squares from that calendar... ... five years ago it happened. And… Continue reading Bad arithmetic

Untitled (Richard von Sturmer)

The world is vast like the dark hallway of my grandmother’s house. The house vanished many years ago and still the world is vast. —Richard von Sturmer

What’s left

three closed books one open book two closed books two open books one closed book three open books no one left to open any books piles and piles of books

Broken lines

in meetings they all talk dead- lines and straplines and lines of engagement i look out windows and all i see are broken lines broken lines of the city architecture collapsing fences erupting constructions across a broken sky it doesn’t resemble the council blueprints the meeting agenda i break over rooftops and beat across power… Continue reading Broken lines

Who are you?

I found you then lost you When I found you again you weren't the same you at all Maybe somebody else out there is the you I lost? Anyway, you can go now I'm not sure I like you anymore

I’ll always have time for you

It was last month... I can barely recall. It was last week... So, centuries ago. It was yesterday... Buried with fossils. It was seven years ago... Your voice is still in my ears.