What happens under covers

I am cold fingertips pressed against a soft, mochi thigh; an obnoxious, novelty alarm clock. You are legs kicking under duvet sheets when I yell not to move! We are the fart you let out when shocked awake: we are momentarily trapped – warm and familiar – and though we will soon dissipate and be… Continue reading What happens under covers



though soon old, ripened fruits cling to limbs a breeze comes through to steal a kiss— this endless, looming summer

A short walk

A highway we all walk down: the old, the ugly, the young, and the beautiful. Travelling in the procession; navigating all the shit and the refuse; amidst all the booing and jeering; someone grabs our arm, tells us we are wonderful... and the pageant is glorious!

Forever swimming

The public pool we broke into each summer was filled in long ago. On days bright as this I still swim in it with you.

Sugar crash

He was the sweetest boy, but so self-absorbed! Nevertheless Daya couldn't deny that she had loved him and had hoped he'd loved her back. Now, after all this mollycoddling, he was finally ready to let her go. She could move on. He knew Daya was a prostitute, everyone did, because she made it no secret.… Continue reading Sugar crash

Happy memories

Under an old oak tree a husband slaps his wife’s ass. She turns her head over her shoulder, peering down at him from the slope they both lie on. “Did you like that?” he asks in a silly voice. She narrows her eyes, looking annoyed. He does it again. “How how about that? Did you… Continue reading Happy memories

희망 양 (Hope: Part one)

In a small-to-medium-sized city at the southern end of South Korea, in a small but well-appointed apartment, there lived a kind and generous woman, full of good intentions for her husband and two young children. The husband—a primary school teacher—was also very kind, and full of love towards his family. The children were especially well-behaved,… Continue reading 희망 양 (Hope: Part one)

How have you blossomed?

Like a new flower unfurling: a dream towards the light. Beyond all obstacles; irrational. Like dried petals beneath the sun: I can only love you.

in love with love

they fell in love so hard he followered her into zen his poetry now spoke of things he yearned to believe in in her journey to enlightenment she understood the obstacle she severed those earthly bonds resolute and unmistakable yet continued to love him in a way he pretended not to recognise a wounded dove… Continue reading in love with love

Cat real estate

Upon returning home from an extended business trip, Mr. Kang discovered his wife had transformed into a Grey Tabby and had started a business managing cat real estate with a Chocolate Point Siamese. His wife informed him that while she still loved him, she had found her true calling as a cat real estate agent.… Continue reading Cat real estate