What happens under covers

I am cold fingertips pressed against a soft, mochi thigh; an obnoxious, novelty alarm clock. You are legs kicking under duvet sheets when I yell not to move! We are the fart you let out when shocked awake: we are momentarily trapped – warm and familiar – and though we will soon dissipate and be… Continue reading What happens under covers


Another day

Another day... another day... another day has passed away! Weep! And rejoice! Another day comes this way!

Don’t stop fighting

don’t stop fighting i know you put on your best behaviour when you have company everyone thinks you’re so damn happy but you’re always fighting when i come round so don’t stop fighting no one wants you to be happy more than i do when you fight it feels like you’re dragging my heart through… Continue reading Don’t stop fighting

Missing: One possible ninja

You were probably gonna grow up to be a ninja or something. I was a ninja for quite a while myself, you know. I coulda taught you how to backflip if you liked. The thing is, even if you were a girl, you coulda been a ninja. Female ninjas are called kunoichi – I learned… Continue reading Missing: One possible ninja

I am lucky that the worst thing you ever did to me as a child was throw out my comic books

I would take your Wordsworth, and your Keats, and your other 60-year old, teenaged, dog-earred, pencil-scarred, rote-learned, abused texts, if you hadn't thrown out my Justice Leagues, and Mad Mags, and Asterixes, my first-year philosophy essays, and my hardbound masters thesis (printed especially for you). No, wait! I will take them, because I love you… Continue reading I am lucky that the worst thing you ever did to me as a child was throw out my comic books

Big in Heaven

One day the Sun Herself shall descend from Heaven to award me an honorary doctorate in celestial anthropology, and we will go out for drinks. Until that day comes, I will not be accepting any more prizes – I have enough already.