Gnarled rest-home fingers— like roots coiling into themselves —remember their parents.


Do not click here

There are no wild geese performing semaphore to inform us of our place in any family of noble ideas. Here, pigeons hobble on their mangled feet, devouring public waste, and anything too weak to drag itself back to safety. No cave hides behind any waterfall for office workers to clamber into and cry for their… Continue reading Do not click here


I am not lying on the floor of my apartment a cool breeze passing over me on a Summer’s day I am not thermoreceptors constricting blood flow in Mexican waves of excitatory response across skin dermis I am the wind

Our legacy

Human will etched shallow— lines cut straight across Nature’s undulating waves— indifferent to calculus. Vectors of great desire swept away in minerals.

Another river

The moon does not cast our shadows into the water. The pebbles do not watch our shadows drift over as we leave them. That river has been dry for years.

I will write you something soon

I would like to remind you that we hear birds singing in the trees above us, and that we see butterflies at ground level. In a few days all these butterflies will be gone, and not long after that, every bird singing above us will be lying silent. That doesn't stop us hearing birds singing,… Continue reading I will write you something soon

Cosmic cosplay

Mist hangs heavy over hilltops and buildings obscuring the skyline like Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility but draped about the Earth’s shoulders The Earth deserves some time for herself I wonder is she’d be into cosplay? Imagine her shaking us all off for the night and dressing up with friends She’d make a great Poison […]

Taupiri’s warning

The light abandons us to another night. Tree tips become membranes: Sky and Earth share skin. Ink mists gather: blue blood bleeding into black horizons. We fold senseless into it all: a boundless origami of forest and river, their creatures and their filth. Hills and mountains rise: Igneous whales from lava oceans beneath. Up turns… Continue reading Taupiri’s warning