How have you blossomed?

Like a new flower unfurling: a dream towards the light. Beyond all obstacles; irrational. Like dried petals beneath the sun: I can only love you.


(Echo) Chamber Music

You’re preaching to the choir, but the tenor’s voice broke some time ago, in June of ‘97, when the dihydro test came crashing in —since then all he wants to do is find new ways to fuck. You’re preaching to the choir, but the soprano joined a screamo band together with the bass, who left… Continue reading (Echo) Chamber Music

It’s all I want—all of it

when did this embrace become a wrestling match? was the child torn screaming from its mother? or the mother from her child? no one remembers who started pushing first, or when their secret language became indecipherable to the other—both betrayed by cell growth by biology, by every law of nature every embrace becomes like this… Continue reading It’s all I want—all of it