Your invitation

stretched out golden in summer sun lounging in his dusty court I’m jealous of such a royal life— a flea-bitten stray still waiting for an owner



though soon old, ripened fruits cling to limbs a breeze comes through to steal a kiss— this endless, looming summer

Forever swimming

The public pool we broke into each summer was filled in long ago. On days bright as this I still swim in it with you.


I am not lying on the floor of my apartment a cool breeze passing over me on a Summer’s day I am not thermoreceptors constricting blood flow in Mexican waves of excitatory response across skin dermis I am the wind

The walls of our grandparents stand empty

I wake next to you in a white bed, stretching out sunlight streams through cracks in the blinds onto white walls filling the room with the gold found in heaven, on a summer’s day that is not too hot you are still half-sleeping your lashes rest across your cheeks lush Turkish rugs on marble walls… Continue reading The walls of our grandparents stand empty