though soon old, ripened fruits cling to limbs a breeze comes through to steal a kiss— this endless, looming summer


It is known

the tone of your voice a shaking out of ecstasy this anxiety this hum the space between each vibration I fill those spaces I slip inside your vibrating heart the tone of your voice is anxious it betrays your words the space between each vibration an invitation I slide inside your vibrating heart this rumination… Continue reading It is known

Drop cover hold me

you feel me on your horizon you felt the signs you felt the way the earth changed its frequency when i discovered you you felt the way birds feel the way animals feel when something big’s coming even at this pace the pace of continents something only rocks see coming i have momentum something this… Continue reading Drop cover hold me

Lost property

there are so many pretty people round here pretty people to fall in love with with pretty clothes pretty hair pretty lips and eyes like nature to get myself lost within they must have so many pretty feelings inside pretty feelings to fall in love with such pretty hopes pretty fears pretty fantasies their lives… Continue reading Lost property

Icarus 2.0

Within seconds I am caught in your orbit – it's not my programmed flight path – I clamber into override to pull out. And then you smile, and I'm plunged back deep into your atmosphere. I crack a harmless joke to disrupt the gravity of the situation, and my vessel tears free – battling drag as… Continue reading Icarus 2.0

Animal attraction

You: mangy, needy, loyal, naive. Me: fish-breathed, aloof, fickle, cunning. Isn't it lucky that I am a dog person and you a cat person: otherwise it could never have worked.

Some things are magic

Some things are magic. Like when she stumbles in her reply, and her voice dances, because her excitement with the conversation is palpable... and the skin round her cheeks and nose subtly change colour when she catches you admiring her... and even though her recognition breaks the spell, it's an exquisite part of it. It… Continue reading Some things are magic