Outside of this sitcom

we are doing a scene things are going great no one has forgotten a line, and everyone’s timing is on point a familiar little girl is peering in through the glass door behind the kitchen table we can just make her out she is very pretty, and is shyly mimicking our movements it looks like… Continue reading Outside of this sitcom


Monica (Hera Lindsay Bird)

Monica Monica Monica Monica Monica Geller off popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S Is one of the worst characters in the history of television She makes me want to wash my hands with hand sanitizer She makes me want to stand in an abandoned Ukrainian parking lot And scream her name at a bunch of dead crows Nobody… Continue reading Monica (Hera Lindsay Bird)

희망 양 (Hope: Part four)

PART ONE, HERE | PART TWO, HERE | PART THREE, HERE | The world shakes and leaps from moment to moment. Subways smell of garlic, but there is no trace of kimchi. The men are brooding, with thick, arched brows and chiseled jaws. The women are waifish, with round doe-eyes and bangs. The space they… Continue reading 희망 양 (Hope: Part four)

희망 양 (Hope: Part three)

PART ONE, HERE | PART TWO, HERE | The cloud is no longer a cloud. It cannot remember floating though the house watching the family. It cannot remember crawling into the mother’s womb, nor dreaming of becoming a human child. It has returned to the world as flesh and blood; the newest member of a… Continue reading 희망 양 (Hope: Part three)

The story of your life

Your genitals are pixelated in real life. It has affected you in so many ways, but you’ve learned to live with it. You wonder why some homeless people are fat. Your friend buys you a donut and coffee because they think you should save more. You tell them you think it’s okay to give some… Continue reading The story of your life

희망 양 (Hope: Part two)

PART ONE, HERE | Fourteen days later, the woman woke feeling nauseous to find light spotting on the bedsheets. She found this suspicious as it was not that time of the month. Having been through this two times already, she was fairly certain what it meant, but knew she would just have to wait and… Continue reading 희망 양 (Hope: Part two)

희망 양 (Hope: Part one)

In a small-to-medium-sized city at the southern end of South Korea, in a small but well-appointed apartment, there lived a kind and generous woman, full of good intentions for her husband and two young children. The husband—a primary school teacher—was also very kind, and full of love towards his family. The children were especially well-behaved,… Continue reading 희망 양 (Hope: Part one)

The shadow of Rudolf Nureyev (Part 7: end)

PART 1, HERE | PART 2, HERE | PART 3, HERE | PART 4, HERE | PART 5, HERE | PART 6, HERE After months of training with the shadow in his tiny apartment, Andrew Lamb decided it was time to share his newfound passion with the world by finding a proper dance studio to test… Continue reading The shadow of Rudolf Nureyev (Part 7: end)

The shadow of Rudolf Nureyev (Part 6)

PART 1, HERE | PART 2, HERE | PART 3, HERE | PART 4, HERE | PART 5, HERE After a trip to the village to purchase a Bluetooth speaker, Andrew Lamb set out to discover just what kind of music would stimulate his shadow deeply enough to reveal its true nature. It was a… Continue reading The shadow of Rudolf Nureyev (Part 6)

The shadow of Rudolf Nureyev (Part 4)

PART 1, HERE | PART 2, HERE | PART, 3 HERE Rudolf Nureyev’s shadow had grown sick of being mistaken for a figment of concert-goers’ imaginations—being written off as a trick of the light, or as the result of too much partying—and it had had more than enough of being the unsung muse to a… Continue reading The shadow of Rudolf Nureyev (Part 4)