though soon old, ripened fruits cling to limbs a breeze comes through to steal a kiss— this endless, looming summer


Beginner’s pottery class

My wife and I did a five week pottery class... I picked up some of our finished pieces this morning. Looking forward to learning more!  

Expressive life drawing practice

This model was really great. A boxer with a really muscular back. Athletic and powerful but still very curvy... with a bit of weather from living a rich life.

Life drawing practice

Another exercise from my life drawing class. Need more practice! Need to set up an area in my place to do this I don’t have to spend som much money on classes and travel.  


in his dreams pretty young ladies chastise him for unfaithful deeds he only thinks of committing in his dreams but pretty young ladies do not know he has been a pretty young lady far longer than they could ever imagine in his dreams he chastises himself for unfaithful deeds he has only thought of committing… Continue reading #mewho

Another hard worker

The animation tutor always said the right thing, “Good luck, Sue!”, “Best wishes, Andrew!”. He had a sweet demeanour, with big brown eyes that opened wide to tell people he meant them well. On late nights he’d ask to stay at work with the rostered student supervisor. He’d say he had a lot of work… Continue reading Another hard worker

You are the new you

you keep passing by with your feet moving to that same rhythm your white sneakers pounding out that beat your face looks the same it’s older, but no different your feet look the same inside those white sneakers you’re the same person, but you’re just passing by in white sneakers, now you’re not wearing brogues… Continue reading You are the new you

Monica (Hera Lindsay Bird)

Monica Monica Monica Monica Monica Geller off popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S Is one of the worst characters in the history of television She makes me want to wash my hands with hand sanitizer She makes me want to stand in an abandoned Ukrainian parking lot And scream her name at a bunch of dead crows Nobody… Continue reading Monica (Hera Lindsay Bird)

Bad arithmetic

It was just too easy to count the squares: eight, nine, ten... ... eleven of them. Calendars always pose a risk. Almost a year since I’d stopped counting the time elapsed since the day I realised you’d never counted any minutes. Subtract another sixty squares from that calendar... ... five years ago it happened. And… Continue reading Bad arithmetic

What are haiku (and are you actually writing them)?

First, let's start with what a haiku is not. It is not (necessarily) 5-7-5... A haiku is not a poem about absolutely anything you like, composed of  seventeen syllables that are dispersed over three lines. In fact, a haiku’s 5-7-5 syllable structure is one of its least important attributes. This kid gets it: You may… Continue reading What are haiku (and are you actually writing them)?