Bad arithmetic

It was just too easy to count the squares: eight, nine, ten... ... eleven of them. Calendars always pose a risk. Almost a year since I’d stopped counting the time elapsed since the day I realised you’d never counted any minutes. Subtract another sixty squares from that calendar... ... five years ago it happened. And… Continue reading Bad arithmetic


Have you seen this hedgehog?

A tiny hedgehog— mesmerised by the brilliance of her eyes, emerging— leapt upon the broad back of a white mare, and he rode her out of the fog! Out of the forest! Out of the picture! He rode that pale horse straight to his bitter end. A bear cub still wanders the forest stapling pamphlets… Continue reading Have you seen this hedgehog?

Imaginary gravity

On this rock; round this star; through space and time... I pretend to orbit you— another hurtling speck.

We should have been lovers

You are afraid I will become everything you ever dreamed of, and you can’t leave me, either. I am bound in you. I can’t comprehend why you would do this to us. Sooner or later you will crumble about me and it will be too late— I will have no choice but to fly from… Continue reading We should have been lovers

All these lies

All art is a lie. The truth is far more terrible than any tragedy or horror to be performed before us. Art is a polished shield through which Perseus viewed the Medusa to avoid her petrifying gaze... before lopping her head off for sport. I can only approach you through art... this poem is my polished shield and you are my Medusa, though I would never dare attack you— just gaze in woe at your beauty knowing I can never have you. But even this is not true: the truth is far more terrible again. The truth is bleak; devoid of imagery, and you do not look in my direction.

For my next trick…

my heart is a ventriloquist... “I love you!” thrown over a shoulder “excuse me?” I approach to clarify... a face turns back, all horrified, eyes wide, recoiling... “I love you!” heard again from over there... I spin! this time a figure turns to hold me, sobbing; her heart is into magic, too —an escape artist!… Continue reading For my next trick…

Just living!

today I just wanna drink strong coffee, and suck your face in a park somewhere... maybe eat some club sandwiches, or some quaint shit like that— no metaphors!

Declension of pain

He is in love with someone’s eye. She is in love with a prosthetic history. He is in love with places he hasn’t visited. She is love with feelings she hasn’t experienced. They are in love with someone else’s loves. I am in love with your sensibilities. You are in love with a curator. We… Continue reading Declension of pain