in his dreams pretty young ladies chastise him for unfaithful deeds he only thinks of committing in his dreams but pretty young ladies do not know he has been a pretty young lady far longer than they could ever imagine in his dreams he chastises himself for unfaithful deeds he has only thought of committing… Continue reading #mewho


Huimang’s dream

The world shakes and leaps from moment to moment. Subways smell of garlic, but there is no trace of kimchi. The men are brooding, with thick, arched brows and chiseled jaws. The women are waifish, with round doe-eyes and bangs. The space they all move through is powdered with fine grain. Huimang resembles Anna Karina,… Continue reading Huimang’s dream

Inverse escalator

When I was young I had a reoccurring dream of riding an escalator into the sky. There was an ‘upside-down’ escalator above me traveling in the opposite direction. A passenger on either escalator would feel they were looking up when they viewed another passenger looking down from the other escalator. The inverse escalator was crowded… Continue reading Inverse escalator

The writer who didn’t read enough

~ The owner of the book ~ At the park, a couple find a bench that has the best combination of shade and dryness available, and sit down to read. The husband feels a pang of apprehension as he reaches for his book, what is he about to uncover? He half hopes it is rubbish,… Continue reading The writer who didn’t read enough

The snail queen (part 2)

Part 1, here Not long after one of these visits to Larrupston the old boy was out on the back porch of his cottage whistling away and finishing off the last of the evening chores with a full belly and silly grin. It was a perfect night to Todd’s way of thinking; moonlit and bright… Continue reading The snail queen (part 2)

Zombie soda can nightmare

A few minutes ago was I dreaming I was a can of energy drink pursued by a zombie can of energy drink. After hours of hopeless running I decided to launch myself over a ravine by fizzing myself up and blowing my top. I flew several metres, clearing the gap, and thought I'd beaten the… Continue reading Zombie soda can nightmare