Eulogy for the World

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here—date and time incalculable—to commemorate the passing of our one and only, our Everything. Taken from us far too soon, yet now at rest. Bow your heads before the final procession of innumerable pantheons! Nursemaids to every human privation, resplendent in their finest regalia; children of a golden light scattered… Continue reading Eulogy for the World


Every moment: a history

Never forget: every moment ever lived lives on— even long, long after it is forgotten —it lives on.

K-road ’17

this road, once dangerous now a childrens’ playground; its most fearsome inhabitant a feather torn loose, floating gently to the ground... only other feathers hear my laughter

Baptism of blood

you come to me the son of conquerors a child in my embrace I cleanse you in my blood our children are not the children of conquerors for we have baptised them in my blood