Huimang’s dream

The world shakes and leaps from moment to moment. Subways smell of garlic, but there is no trace of kimchi. The men are brooding, with thick, arched brows and chiseled jaws. The women are waifish, with round doe-eyes and bangs. The space they all move through is powdered with fine grain. Huimang resembles Anna Karina,… Continue reading Huimang’s dream



You stand alone in a desert surrounded by mirage— you cannot remember how you got here. You travel to a mirage workplace, converse with mirage workmates, share mirage drinks on Friday evenings. You have been servicing a mirage mortgage on a mirage apartment with your mirage dream girl for over seven years now. You are… Continue reading Deserted

Another hedgehog, another horse

A tiny hedgehog peered through the fog, upon the majesty of a white mare grazing in a clearing nearby. A vision flashed before him— of leaping upon her broad back and riding her out of the forest— straight into some new story, entirely. As the horse turned, he imagined her throwing him from her back… Continue reading Another hedgehog, another horse

Have you seen this hedgehog?

A tiny hedgehog— mesmerised by the brilliance of her eyes, emerging— leapt upon the broad back of a white mare, and he rode her out of the fog! Out of the forest! Out of the picture! He rode that pale horse straight to his bitter end. A bear cub still wanders the forest stapling pamphlets… Continue reading Have you seen this hedgehog?

Imaginary gravity

On this rock; round this star; through space and time... I pretend to orbit you— another hurtling speck.

Don’t go there

Deep in these woods lies a cabin. I am trapped there— a witch holds me prisoner. The rules there are different; things make little sense, but I've learned to read signals, and can navigate danger. Though I wish you would visit, I will not invite you... if you found your way to me I would… Continue reading Don’t go there

Fear of flying

bury me bury me! bury me right here bury me wherever you like bury me just bury me bury me in your fertility bury me! i just wanna make babies bury me in christian humility —some pretty story like that bury me just bury me bury me oh! marry me! marry me to technology marry… Continue reading Fear of flying

The space between us

The streets are full, but all I see are the gaps. The streets are loud, but all I hear are the gaps. Surrounded by people, but moving through the gaps.

More popcorn?

In honour of the local Studio Ghibli festival: MORE POPCORN? Here we are chewing each other's faces off at this anime film fest, and I still can't believe my luck! I've been chasing you – doing my damnedest to appear approachable – since forever now, and I reckon you're just like Chihiro from that last… Continue reading More popcorn?