You stand alone in a desert surrounded by mirage— you cannot remember how you got here. You travel to a mirage workplace, converse with mirage workmates, share mirage drinks on Friday evenings. You have been servicing a mirage mortgage on a mirage apartment with your mirage dream girl for over seven years now. You are… Continue reading Deserted


For my next trick…

my heart is a ventriloquist... “I love you!” thrown over a shoulder “excuse me?” I approach to clarify... a face turns back, all horrified, eyes wide, recoiling... “I love you!” heard again from over there... I spin! this time a figure turns to hold me, sobbing; her heart is into magic, too —an escape artist!… Continue reading For my next trick…

Door to door

carrying this corpse around, door to door people paint it different colours; decorate it the best they can —let's celebrate! it's quite a spectacle after all

Golden one

gold leaf peels from a perfect cheek; an auspicious smile, diamond teeth cling to painted gums— oh golden one, melt this palace down before the rot sets in!

Declension of pain

He is in love with someone’s eye. She is in love with a prosthetic history. He is in love with places he hasn’t visited. She is love with feelings she hasn’t experienced. They are in love with someone else’s loves. I am in love with your sensibilities. You are in love with a curator. We… Continue reading Declension of pain

Fear of flying

bury me bury me! bury me right here bury me wherever you like bury me just bury me bury me in your fertility bury me! i just wanna make babies bury me in christian humility —some pretty story like that bury me just bury me bury me oh! marry me! marry me to technology marry… Continue reading Fear of flying

When I used to love you (I didn’t even know you)

i could wait for hours wait for you and no one else no one else – no time for them no one else could ever hold my attention – i was cold for hours and hours – hours waiting for your affection i wouldn’t ever count the hours hours were never part of it time… Continue reading When I used to love you (I didn’t even know you)