Eulogy for the World

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here—date and time incalculable—to commemorate the passing of our one and only, our Everything. Taken from us far too soon, yet now at rest. Bow your heads before the final procession of innumerable pantheons! Nursemaids to every human privation, resplendent in their finest regalia; children of a golden light scattered… Continue reading Eulogy for the World



I got a PhD! I got a PhD! I’m a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Sociology: I wrote a lengthy dissertation on the Death of the Nation, and got flown to France. I got a PhD, and I’m working class. I got a PhD! I got a PhD! I’m a Doctor of Philosophy in Biology:… Continue reading PhD

Here we all are

Here we all are with everyone we wanna be with, everyone we like, people like us yep Here we all are there's my wife, she knows me well Mum and Dad raised me well my mates too, they look after me well Here we all are I wish there were more people like us to… Continue reading Here we all are

The poems of Nations

Your words are like the poems of Nations Like the million voices of Alderaan suddenly crying out in terror Your words eclipse mine Like a Death Star looming over the moon of Endor Mine circumscribe a walk down the road for takeaway coffee A trip to Hamilton to drop something off X-wing flight formations the… Continue reading The poems of Nations

The Office Of Blood; Or, ‘The Act Of Killing’ (2012)

The Office Of Blood; Or, 'The Act Of Killing' (2012). I was tempted to write about this film, but found this great post which covers all the main points that I found engaging about this scary, horrible, but also funny, and very human film about some very real characters living in a culture a lot… Continue reading The Office Of Blood; Or, ‘The Act Of Killing’ (2012)