The writer who didn’t read enough

~ The owner of the book ~ At the park, a couple find a bench that has the best combination of shade and dryness available, and sit down to read. The husband feels a pang of apprehension as he reaches for his book, what is he about to uncover? He half hopes it is rubbish,… Continue reading The writer who didn’t read enough


One reason to stop reading

He dares not open the book They’re leaving in an hour and aren’t packed yet He opens the book Poems for a small planet: Contemporary American nature poetry One poem read Another The next has him crying He can’t take this book with him Just as the writer of that last poem cannot take the… Continue reading One reason to stop reading

Join the library

I went in search of the greatest love poem ever: In between work emails I sexted succubi for research purposes and catfished centaurs to see how they ticked I learned pan flute from goat-toed pickup artists and could hold a tune, but it wasn't very good. Weekends, I drove to ancient burial sites and got… Continue reading Join the library