The story of your life

Your genitals are pixelated in real life. It has affected you in so many ways, but you’ve learned to live with it. You wonder why some homeless people are fat. Your friend buys you a donut and coffee because they think you should save more. You tell them you think it’s okay to give some… Continue reading The story of your life


The writer who didn’t read enough

~ The owner of the book ~ At the park, a couple find a bench that has the best combination of shade and dryness available, and sit down to read. The husband feels a pang of apprehension as he reaches for his book, what is he about to uncover? He half hopes it is rubbish,… Continue reading The writer who didn’t read enough

The continuing case of the gigantic cinnamon and sugar pretzel

PART ONE HERE In truth, the pretzel thing didn’t mean anything. Or so Laurent thought. It had honestly never crossed his mind to offer Mike some of his pretzel. But at this point, it had come to symbolise something much larger, drawn into fiction. Fuck it, he thought. When he arrived back at his desk,… Continue reading The continuing case of the gigantic cinnamon and sugar pretzel