Eulogy for the World

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here—date and time incalculable—to commemorate the passing of our one and only, our Everything. Taken from us far too soon, yet now at rest. Bow your heads before the final procession of innumerable pantheons! Nursemaids to every human privation, resplendent in their finest regalia; children of a golden light scattered… Continue reading Eulogy for the World


The Appearance of the Lord

And in a pillar of smoke, the Lord appeared before Samuel as a flame swathed in robes of blood, and with the roar of many waters He proclaimed, “Behold Samuel, kneel before me, for I am the Alpha and the Omega! Nothing comes before me, and nothing after.” And Samuel raised up his head to… Continue reading The Appearance of the Lord

One day I’ll get this right (‘Sometimes I’m still scared’ – extended remix)

Age has etched melancholic lines around your mouth, like some worn intaglio plate from 1514, and left your eyes looking tired and sad. And you are more beautiful than ever! That goofy kid that robbed me blind is still there, poking tongues and snorting: I've seen her dancing in your smile, but you've seen things,… Continue reading One day I’ll get this right (‘Sometimes I’m still scared’ – extended remix)