Bursting point

The world has always been this way —it’s only now that I can see. Children in their endless bubbles bound about like tiny giants; living lives that stretch far beyond their bursting point. All I do to console myself is admire such ferocious will.



You stand alone in a desert surrounded by mirage— you cannot remember how you got here. You travel to a mirage workplace, converse with mirage workmates, share mirage drinks on Friday evenings. You have been servicing a mirage mortgage on a mirage apartment with your mirage dream girl for over seven years now. You are… Continue reading Deserted

The shadow of Rudolf Nureyev (Part 4)

PART 1, HERE | PART 2, HERE | PART, 3 HERE Rudolf Nureyev’s shadow had grown sick of being mistaken for a figment of concert-goers’ imaginations—being written off as a trick of the light, or as the result of too much partying—and it had had more than enough of being the unsung muse to a… Continue reading The shadow of Rudolf Nureyev (Part 4)

The cost of dreaming

Middle-class dreams in working-class sleeves Acquiring property and speaking of liberty like I learned in university Takes work to believe in our Middle-class dreams My cousin eats from bins he shoots Ritalin while I chew on vitamins Any way to feed all those Middle-class dreams

The moral of the tail

We’re all just dogs chasing ours tails. We keep on racing round and reaching out, but we never get any closer to catching anything. Sometimes we forget about those tails of ours—we get distracted by things we can actually reach, like our buttholes, or other dogs’ buttholes. And all the while our tails are wagging… Continue reading The moral of the tail

Moving underground

we all move around in circles and there’s water underground we’re all keeping our heads up we’re laying our foundations erecting structures everywhere they‘re all solid on the ground always solid on the ground we’re getting higher and higher yeah! we’re already getting there! we’re almost up there in orbit! hold me down! our hearts… Continue reading Moving underground

The muse of a mediocre artist

the muse of a mediocre artist left for New York the other day and this fact will soon be lost to history the muse of a mediocre artist was no less inspiring than any other muse from history the muse of a mediocre artist worked hard and saved her money and then she left for… Continue reading The muse of a mediocre artist

Yventually (for my friend Yves)

We'll take the world on, You and I. We'll do things right. Show 'em what we're made of. Write a TV show, maybe. Get famous. Burn everything down. And with perfect choreography. It'll mean something, too. People will be moved. I'm sure of it. There's no reason why not. Well, See ya tomorrow bro, I'm… Continue reading Yventually (for my friend Yves)