Declension of pain

He is in love with someone’s eye. She is in love with a prosthetic history. He is in love with places he hasn’t visited. She is love with feelings she hasn’t experienced. They are in love with someone else’s loves. I am in love with your sensibilities. You are in love with a curator. We… Continue reading Declension of pain



all this waiting waiting to hear you’ve been waiting all this waiting to stop waiting stop!

This space

this absence holds a shape you might fit here this space seems shaped for you those sounds the words they produce those things that come from you the frequency you emit the contradictions that come from your body betray your shape every moment in your presence seems like a culmination these things that leave you… Continue reading This space

The muse of a mediocre artist

the muse of a mediocre artist left for New York the other day and this fact will soon be lost to history the muse of a mediocre artist was no less inspiring than any other muse from history the muse of a mediocre artist worked hard and saved her money and then she left for… Continue reading The muse of a mediocre artist

Just one more

just one more day absurd with you just one more word from you just one more just one more joke with you just one more stroke from you just one more just one more week with you just one more year wondering why the hell you care I know things never really last so I… Continue reading Just one more

I probably won’t talk to you

You seem to be tied up in romantic notions. You seem to be tied up in romantic notions. You can't seem to get them out of your head. I'm not gonna save you, no I'm not gonna save you. How could I possibly save you, when I’m not sure how to save myself from everything… Continue reading I probably won’t talk to you


If you are the best poem I've ever read, then I am that stanza that hasn't been written. If you are a stanza that hasn't been written, then I am still definitely trying to find those words.


Your name is on the side bar, and your name is on my newsfeed, and your name is burned negative, sans serif on my retinas – I see it when I close my eyes. I'm sure it's just a habit: it’s something I'm just working through. I'm sure that there's no meaning... it's like an… Continue reading Again

More popcorn?

In honour of the local Studio Ghibli festival: MORE POPCORN? Here we are chewing each other's faces off at this anime film fest, and I still can't believe my luck! I've been chasing you – doing my damnedest to appear approachable – since forever now, and I reckon you're just like Chihiro from that last… Continue reading More popcorn?

If we’re lucky

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I don't squawk or cry for my mother but when I think about it for a minute or two it's that same feeling that's done it that same unreasonable feeling and over 40 years I've grown used to it so used to it I… Continue reading If we’re lucky