Eulogy for the World

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here—date and time incalculable—to commemorate the passing of our one and only, our Everything. Taken from us far too soon, yet now at rest. Bow your heads before the final procession of innumerable pantheons! Nursemaids to every human privation, resplendent in their finest regalia; children of a golden light scattered… Continue reading Eulogy for the World


The continuing case of the gigantic cinnamon and sugar pretzel

PART ONE HERE In truth, the pretzel thing didn’t mean anything. Or so Laurent thought. It had honestly never crossed his mind to offer Mike some of his pretzel. But at this point, it had come to symbolise something much larger, drawn into fiction. Fuck it, he thought. When he arrived back at his desk,… Continue reading The continuing case of the gigantic cinnamon and sugar pretzel

A review (of itself)

This poem (if one can call it that) REEKS: of insincerity, of self-satisfaction, of cowardice. It represents an abject terror of emotional honesty. A revulsion towards any concept of poetic truth. It hides behind its own deliberate attempt at ironic detachment; believing itself to have made some point worth making, without any articulation beyond its… Continue reading A review (of itself)