Smoke and mirrors

The rough sleeper takes on the quality of smoke dragged from his cigarette You still see him, but he’s easier to ignore at this opacity There is coughing in the bus stop, but no one coughs


The story

Something has to happen for this story to be told. An old woman is coughing. Something has to happen. We are expecting the story to hold something of significance within the details of something happening. It is a warm day— her coughs are loud. Something has to happen. When it has happened and the story… Continue reading The story

A babe in the woods

wandering down Ponsonby in a brand new tracksuit purchased by Lord knows who parents long gone not looking competent enough to have ever bred looking 75+ rolled into 60 years of hard living and with 10 more lost to the lithium and clozapine he passes us by sipping on our flat whites I tell Heaven… Continue reading A babe in the woods