Do not click here

There are no wild geese performing semaphore to inform us of our place in any family of noble ideas. Here, pigeons hobble on their mangled feet, devouring public waste, and anything too weak to drag itself back to safety. No cave hides behind any waterfall for office workers to clamber into and cry for their… Continue reading Do not click here


Highly-rendered nothingness

I gazed into the abyss, but it wouldn’t look back— it was busy with a selfie upload to Snapchat. So I pulled out my phone, and sent it a snap. I got a ten-second clip when it messaged me back, so I took a good look— and it had ears like a cat 😻

Not posting poems

i am not posting poems i am not posting poems i am still writing poems i am not posting poems this is a status update written in the form of a poem this is not a poem i am not posting poems ok this is a poem i am still posting poems!

Social potion formulation*

1x precious profile pic producing platonic pulses of pure attraction (not the kind to produce an impulse for masturbation) 15x pretty photos all portraying some superlative vacations 18x divine updates displaying delicious deluxe degustations 11x likes for lubricating lines of convivial communication 6x concerned comments all cementing central precepts of your political persuasion 7x edgy… Continue reading Social potion formulation*

Liking things in secret

you like liking things in secret you like keeping things to yourself because public acts are degrading public acts are so coarse no one needs to know the things that explode in you you’re so self-contained you like liking things in secret you like to share secrets and they feel so much better when they’re… Continue reading Liking things in secret


Your name is on the side bar, and your name is on my newsfeed, and your name is burned negative, sans serif on my retinas – I see it when I close my eyes. I'm sure it's just a habit: it’s something I'm just working through. I'm sure that there's no meaning... it's like an… Continue reading Again

Web 2.0 Algorithms

For a while now, I've been having feelings for you. It's hard to get you out of my mind. I used to think TV loved me, but TV keeps asking me over to juice vegetables and climb ladders, and I find that inappropriate. TV never took the time to work out whether I'm upset because… Continue reading Web 2.0 Algorithms

Stop checking

Last night an orange orb loomed libidinous in the top-right corner of a barren void Desire nearly tore me from a heavy sleep This morning, upon waking I opened the window to find May 26: my best day for likes in that void I dreamt of