in love with love

they fell in love so hard he followered her into zen his poetry now spoke of things he yearned to believe in in her journey to enlightenment she understood the obstacle she severed those earthly bonds resolute and unmistakable yet continued to love him in a way he pretended not to recognise a wounded dove… Continue reading in love with love


The snail queen (part 2)

Part 1, here Not long after one of these visits to Larrupston the old boy was out on the back porch of his cottage whistling away and finishing off the last of the evening chores with a full belly and silly grin. It was a perfect night to Todd’s way of thinking; moonlit and bright… Continue reading The snail queen (part 2)

I probably won’t talk to you

You seem to be tied up in romantic notions. You seem to be tied up in romantic notions. You can't seem to get them out of your head. I'm not gonna save you, no I'm not gonna save you. How could I possibly save you, when I’m not sure how to save myself from everything… Continue reading I probably won’t talk to you