Inverse escalator

When I was young I had a reoccurring dream of riding an escalator into the sky. There was an ‘upside-down’ escalator above me traveling in the opposite direction. A passenger on either escalator would feel they were looking up when they viewed another passenger looking down from the other escalator. The inverse escalator was crowded… Continue reading Inverse escalator


The story of your life

Your genitals are pixelated in real life. It has affected you in so many ways, but you’ve learned to live with it. You wonder why some homeless people are fat. Your friend buys you a donut and coffee because they think you should save more. You tell them you think it’s okay to give some… Continue reading The story of your life

Aesthetics of emotion

A life story told in moments only one person cares to sew together, “I had a dream the other night... you were in it!” only now you listen. Perhaps our stories are sewn up together in places, like pleats... to pick them apart would spoil everything. We like things to be pretty: it helps draw… Continue reading Aesthetics of emotion

K-road ’17

this road, once dangerous now a childrens’ playground; its most fearsome inhabitant a feather torn loose, floating gently to the ground... only other feathers hear my laughter

Baptism of blood

you come to me the son of conquerors a child in my embrace I cleanse you in my blood our children are not the children of conquerors for we have baptised them in my blood

You forgot your keys

without keys we press cheeks against cold windows hunting ways to break and enter our own lives

Jerusalem lost

we don’t ramble or rove coastlines pining death no sea kelp kisses or obsidian hickies for us please the salt spray foam the wild horses trigger allergies we eat kumara with garlic aioli and the noise of traffic drowns the voice of any god who calls though we remember haka when drunk enough and beer… Continue reading Jerusalem lost

Social potion formulation*

1x precious profile pic producing platonic pulses of pure attraction (not the kind to produce an impulse for masturbation) 15x pretty photos all portraying some superlative vacations 18x divine updates displaying delicious deluxe degustations 11x likes for lubricating lines of convivial communication 6x concerned comments all cementing central precepts of your political persuasion 7x edgy… Continue reading Social potion formulation*

Broken lines

in meetings they all talk dead- lines and straplines and lines of engagement i look out windows and all i see are broken lines broken lines of the city architecture collapsing fences erupting constructions across a broken sky it doesn’t resemble the council blueprints the meeting agenda i break over rooftops and beat across power… Continue reading Broken lines

I probably won’t talk to you

You seem to be tied up in romantic notions. You seem to be tied up in romantic notions. You can't seem to get them out of your head. I'm not gonna save you, no I'm not gonna save you. How could I possibly save you, when I’m not sure how to save myself from everything… Continue reading I probably won’t talk to you