K-road ’17

this road, once dangerous now a childrens’ playground; its most fearsome inhabitant a feather torn loose, floating gently to the ground... only other feathers hear my laughter


Baptism of blood

you come to me the son of conquerors a child in my embrace I cleanse you in my blood our children are not the children of conquerors for we have baptised them in my blood


four tiny footprints red down white bedsheets another child has escaped us

Gundry street

the architecture is just awful! a booming voice, high heels, broad shoulders... erudite—no johns this time of morning


all she sees is green... a life unfurling on the other side all he sees is red... two lives risking the signal all they hear is the disgust of car horns

You forgot your keys

without keys we press cheeks against cold windows hunting ways to break and enter our own lives

This space

this absence holds a shape you might fit here this space seems shaped for you those sounds the words they produce those things that come from you the frequency you emit the contradictions that come from your body betray your shape every moment in your presence seems like a culmination these things that leave you… Continue reading This space

Don’t stop fighting

don’t stop fighting i know you put on your best behaviour when you have company everyone thinks you’re so damn happy but you’re always fighting when i come round so don’t stop fighting no one wants you to be happy more than i do when you fight it feels like you’re dragging my heart through… Continue reading Don’t stop fighting

Jerusalem lost

we don’t ramble or rove coastlines pining death no sea kelp kisses or obsidian hickies for us please the salt spray foam the wild horses trigger allergies we eat kumara with garlic aioli and the noise of traffic drowns the voice of any god who calls though we remember haka when drunk enough and beer… Continue reading Jerusalem lost

Drop cover hold me

you feel me on your horizon you felt the signs you felt the way the earth changed its frequency when i discovered you you felt the way birds feel the way animals feel when something big’s coming even at this pace the pace of continents something only rocks see coming i have momentum something this… Continue reading Drop cover hold me