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The heat hurts hard,
beating down on farang faces
– fat, frowning flesh, fired up
for fevered fucking. Delirious
dogging down dry, dirty streets –
assessing every ass like
they’re browsing butcher’s briskets
and pork pieces. Thais take their places –
play positions – facing fate like
fighting monks, but they fight face
down, ass up and race for the finish,
so they can joke with sisters over
which whale wailed worst, and
who howled and hooted.
It lasts all day, and
it lasts all night, and
children who should be in bed
for school tomorrow, are
ass-ended red, and the heat
hurts hard – it hurts heads,
it hurts hearts. But the farang
don’t care, they just came to tear
some ass and drink some beer,
like fucking farang nightmares!