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You’re like some kind of butterfly collector
but instead of butterflies
pressed dry and senseless into your scrapbook
it’s things-you-think-you-know-about-people

Your scrapbook’s got some kind of
incomprehensible taxonomy
of your own subconscious devising:

(A) high foreheads / perverts
(B) cardigan smells sour / perverts
(C) men who wear cardigans (not sour) / check (G)
(D) slow walkers / possible immigrants
(E) tame ones / to be avoided, unless (H)
(F) fabulous ones / investigate further
(G) men who’ve read Borges / bf material
(H) cat-lovers / saints
(I) dog-lovers / possible xenophobes
(J) athletic / care too much for own appearance
(AND) so
(ON) and
(SO) forth

People like you are item (K) in my scrapbook:
mermaids (or sirens) / people who give people like me a bad name