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Dear Taupiri,

You’ve been here for millennia.
People have passed through,
and into
since the First arrived here.
They made you a sacred place:
Invaders had to go around you
to get where they were going.
Maori defended you:
kept the path clear.
Because Te Putu is buried inside you:
with all his children –
their children too.
You are pregnant with their spirit.
Even I know that.
Here I am, another invader,
writing about you:
tearing your Place
from the Earth and uploading it
As data for more invaders
to consume.
But you still speak to me
Because I listen.
And I am earth to you –
your little buddy.
I will return to you
and be with Te Putu,
and his children,
and everyone else.
A part of this place.