Elevator pitch for epic trilogy

A grasshopper raised by ants
Always wanting to devour everything
Sing! And dance furiously
While dutifully collecting supplies for the colony
And wondering what it would be like
to die alone in winter
Having lived just one summer in the sun

A line of sentient action figures
Like Toy Story
But! They never leave their packaging
The plot revolves around them
Coming to terms with being trapped on shelves
Then at the bottom of a bargain bin
Then their final release at a landfill
Waiting for their packaging to break down
Imagining lives they never lived
And fearing their freedom.

A zombie flick with no zombies
Everyone dies anyway
Eaten alive! By the walking corpses
Of their own faded memories.



Love interest as Romantic Metaphor (RM) 1.1
Reinforcement of RM 1.1 to ingratiate reader and establish structure
Narrator’s relationship to RM 1.1 to establish point of view (POV)

Love interest as RM 1.2
Extension of RM 1.2 to develop Wider Metaphor (WM) 1
Narrator’s relationship to RM 1.2 to structurally emphasise POV

Love interest as RM 1.3
Abrupt ending, breaking poetic structure, reframing WM 1 as fucking awful, and challenging POV.

instance1 (of BAD cODE)

What this is not

This is not a wonderful memory:
A crash of blue and gold,
best friends’ voices,
and smells of things
people who once loved you
lost long ago…

100% response rate

This is an animated gif of response feedback for a survey I made in Surveymonkey (that’s why it looks a bit budget) – I like the concept, but might make a better-looking version some time.animation