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Looking at integrating this tool into Moodle courses at the Faculty of Education.


At the upcoming 21st Century Learning Conference Hong Kong [http://21clhk.org/], Tim Carrell and I will be presenting the ‘Badger Block’; one of the more exciting projects I’m currently working on.

We are very interested in the gamification of Moodle utilizing the conditional activities of Moodle 2. We’ve also been looking keenly on the work being done on Open Badges [http://openbadges.org/]. The badger block aims to bring the two together and provide the teacher with a relatively simple method of providing rewards within a course and across a site.

The badger block displays awarded badges in a side block and placeholders for badges still to be attained.


Clicking on either gives a review of what the badge is for and the criteria for awarding the badge so

  • those who have it know why and
  • those who want it know how to get it.


As further motivation, the block can…

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