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This beautiful film inspired me to take up drawing and writing again today.

it was so full of raw feeling… not just in terms of story or character, but in every line, colour, sound and movement.

Ernest and Celestine is full-to-the brim with art. Not art in the sense of artiface, design or craft, but art in the sense of pure, human, life-affirming magic. That’s not to say the movie isn’t also fantastically designed, planned or executed, but that its every contrivance serves a greater purpose than just ‘service to the craft’, and that purpose is to sing to us, to conjure up that part of us that still believes in magic.

The best art, to my way of thinking transcends slavishness to craft, rises above narrative or colour theory, or what have you. It just speaks to the soul in that pure, naive, magical way we’ve all experienced, when everything is falling into place and we’re perfect for a moment – whether that’s being twelve-years old at the beach on the bluest, brightest, broadest day of our lives, or twenty-one and fucking like a dog in our first flat with that unobtainable girl we’ve been imagining doing-exactly-what-we’re-actually-doing-right-now for the last six months.

This is why I loved Ernest and Celestine, it did exactly that.

I think I’ll get into particulars soon… a bit of an analysis of how this movie is inspirational to anyone who loves creating stuff, or just wants to live life creatively.